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Australian Photometry and Radiometry Laboratory
(Formerly Steve Jenkins & Associates)

Australian Photometry and Radiometry Laboratory (APRLab) is an independent public testing laboratory and consultancy service based in Melbourne, Australia.  We offer a wide variety of NATA-accredited testing and calibration services in photometry, radiometry, spectroradiometry, colorimetry, goniophotometry and other optical testing fields.

Most of our laboratory's photometric testing and calibration services are accredited by Australia's National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) so that we can issue ISO 17025-endorsed test reports with traceability to Australian National Standards of Measurement as well as traceability to other national standards such as MSL (New Zealand), NIST (USA), NPL (UK), PTB (Germany) and NRC (Canada).

Please use the links at the top to browse our site and please don't hesitate to contact us for more information or for a quote on a testing, calibration or consultancy service.


Updated company address

We have recently updated our company address:

New address:
Factory One, 21-29 Railway Ave
Oakleigh, Vic, 3166

Old address:
Factory Two, 21-29 Railway Ave
Huntingdale, Vic, 3166

Note: We're still in the same building, just updated some historical inaccuracies!


Change of Company Logo

In August 2023, we have had a change in company logo from the old retina with Landolt C image to a new colourful design - we hope you like it!


Change of Company Name

In Jan/Feb 2022, the company Steve Jenkins & Associates Pty Ltd has changed its name to APR Laboratory Pty Ltd, trading as the Australian Photometry and Radiometry Laboratory.

For more information please see the Contact page.



For information on our laboratory's status during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic please see the COVID-19 page.


Change of Ownership

As of 1st July 2018, Tony Bergen is now Managing Director of Steve Jenkins & Associates.  Steve is now fully retired and spending as much time as possible in his vegetable garden.  For more information please see the Contact page.


  Australian Photometry and Radiometry Laboratory
  is a sustaining organisational member of CIE Australia


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